Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us here at Global Home Travel, which is why we aim to provide only the best services for our clients. We want your stay at our apartments to be perfect. Below, you will be able to see all of the services we provide to help you enjoy your stay at our new temporary home. 


Why Stay With Global Home Travel? 

  1. Offer greater value: The average client saves 30% to 50% off an equivalent hotel room.
  2. More space than a hotel: Furnished apartments offer lounge and dining areas in addition to bedrooms.
  3. Offer more facilities: Normally, furnished apartments, offer more facilities than are found in a typical hotel room. These facilities vary from unit to unit but it is not uncommon to find:

    • Fully equipped kitchen including stove, fridge, utensils and tableware
    • Washing machine and dryer, ironing board and iron
    • Separate lounge and eating area
    • High speed Wi-Fi and Telephone
    • Flat panel digital television with options for DVDs and gaming consoles
    • Local gyms and leisure facilities

  4. Offer greater privacy: Staying in an apartment provides a great sense of privacy and security away from other guests.

  5. Home from home environment: One of the most appealing aspects of a furnished apartment is the home away from home environment. Furnished apartments provide a more normal and natural living space where you can walk around freely. Apartments provide a place that is livable, not just for sleep.

  6. Family friendly: Traditionally, it is increasingly difficult to book a hotel room that can hold large groups of families. With a furnished apartment, you save money by fitting your entire family into one unit as opposed to having adjoining rooms that are costly.

  7. Accommodate more: Our units range in sizes, including studio apartments, one, two and three-bedroom apartments and we also offer some townhouses that can accommodate families even larger than those fitting a three-bedroom apartment.

  8. Great place to entertain: With all the space and facilities of a fully furnished apartment, you have an excellent place to entertain. Some people book for the sole reason of entertaining and going somewhere private where they can enjoy a special occasion with their friends and/or family.

  9. Better for extended or corporate stays: People who regularly work away from home need a base to call home. Furnished apartments, for all the reason of space, facilities and cost, make our furnished apartments the best choice for many working away from home.